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SealExperts lists of abrasives are exceptional in quality and performance. They are imported measured and particularly for the best quality to provide our valued customers. SealExperts can professionally supply abrasives like garnet, steel shot, steel grit etc. to suit your every blasting requirement.

Garnet   Steel Shot
Imported from the coastal regions in South India, After mining it is processed by means of washing, drying .   This solid, round figured abrasive media is used in blast cleaning purposes. The result is less dust and a much cleaner
Steel Grit   Copper Slag
This angular aggressive abrasive is defined to produce a fast clean surface. They act as a cutting tool in the blast   Copper Slag is a by-product produced in the manufacture of copper. During the smelting and quenching process..
Glass Beads   Aluminium Oxide
Impact technology media delivers cost effective, precise control. For peening, cleaning, finishing..   Extremely hard, aggressive, high performance media used in blast cabinets. Economical when contained ..